Sudie Pride Campaign

Support the 2nd A N N U A L S U D I E P R I D E C A M P A I G N

Show your pride in your Sudie student by donating in their honor. All contributions will go to Sudie TAG Academy!

Our SUDIE PRIDE Campaign will fund our PTA and 100% of the funds will stay at Sudie TAG. It will provide support for our student programs, school clubs, and classroom materials not covered by the district.

Our PRIDE METER will track participation, as we also challenge each grade level to reach $5,000 in donations. In order to ensure your student’s Grade Level gets credit for your donation, please be sure to include their Name, Grade Level and Section in the “Notes” section when you donate.

Help us keep fundraising FUN and EASY at Sudie TAG! Through our giving, more of our precious parent volunteer moments can be maximized on school events, as opposed to managing multiple fundraisers throughout the year. Thank you for your support!!

Countdown to North Texas Giving Day

The support shown by our Sudie Family during our first-ever SUDIE PRIDE Campaign has been overwhelming!! We had a fantastic response to our Kick-Off Event through North Texas Giving Day!
We received over 140 donations, and raised over $28,000. WOW!!

Drum Roll Please . . . It’s time to reveal the latest numbers for our Sudie Pride Campaign, and our fantastic PRIDE METER!! (Our PRIDE METER is posted in the entry way of the school. Stop by and check it out! )

Who’s leading the Pack?

  • 5th Grade is leading the race with $10748 in donations!
  • Close behind is 4thGrade with $9295 in donations.
  • Followed by 7th Grade with $3292, and
  • 6th Grade with $2645 in donated funds!

Please note, these are the latest numbers for our Grade-Level Competition, there is still time to donate towards your grade! Our Sudie Pride Campaign will run through October and into November.


Our total donations at this time are: $28,559 with 147 donations.

Thanks for your continued support of our students and our school!

“Success is our Lion’s ROOOOOAAAAR. We are Sudie, WE ARE ONE!

Our “Sudie Pride” Campaign will fund our PTA and 100% of the funds will stay at Sudie TAG. It will provide support for our student programs, school clubs, and classroom materials not covered by the district.

Still want to donate? It’s not too late. Donate online below!

ER Matching Funds

If your employer offers Matching Funds, we’d love for you to ask for these additional funds for Sudie. Please email,, if you need assistance.

Missing Grade-level Info/Anonymous Donations

We have over $2,000 in anonymous donations. If that’s you, and you would like to give credit to your child’s grade-level, please email

How do I make my Sudie Pride Campaign donation?

The 2019-2020 Sudie Pride Campaign runs from September 19 through December 1, 2019.

The Sudie Pride Campaign officially kicks off in conjunction with North Texas Giving Day on September 19, 2019, therefore please consider making your donation on that day so we can receive a match of dollars and maximize our gifts received. Donations through North Texas Giving can only be done on September 19th from 6am to midnight at

After September 19, you will also be able to donate via cash, check, and credit/square at school events, or via PayPal on our school community website:

What is the 100% Parent Participation Challenge?

The 100% Parent Participation Challenge is a friendly competition between the classrooms with the ultimate goal of increasing parent participation in the Sudie Pride Campaign.

In exchange for your donation, your child will be able to add another “Paw Print” to our PRIDE METER. Our PRIDE METER will track grade participation and be on display for everyone to see our progress. The classroom with the highest percentage participation will receive a party.

In addition, all classrooms with 100% participation (meaning a donation for every student in the class) will receive a party!

Help us fill our Sudie PRIDE METER!

Each donation you make gets us one paw step closer to our goal!

We appreciate your support!

FAQ’s from North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day has a great FAQs page with lots of information. If you have questions or are looking for more information, please visit:

Student/Grade-Level Competition

Each grade at Sudie TAG will compete to see who raises the most funds for our school. Plus, any grade reaching their $5,000 goal, will receive a grade-level celebration!

We want to be sure to give credit for all donations made for our Grade-Level Competition!
Student Recognition: When you donate, please be sure to let us know which grade your student is in at Sudie TAG. You can include this information in the “Notes” section when you set-up your donation. If possible, please include your student’s name and homeroom. For Example: Sally Jones, 4A.

If you have multiple students at Sudie TAG, please include all students’ names and grades in the “Notes” section.

Scheduled Giving

The Sudie Pride Campaign offers many giving options for our community. Currently, Scheduled Giving is available until September 18, 2019. You can go online and set up a donation right now, but it will not be charged until September 19.

Also, you have the option of spreading out payments for a larger donation over a few months. For example, if you’d like to make a $100 donation, you can set that up to charge you $25 per month over four months.

Bonus Awards via North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day is hosted by the Communities Foundation of Texas and raises millions of dollars for non-profits in our community.

BONUS AWARDS: Here’s another great thing about North Texas Giving Day . . . Any donation over $25 is eligible for bonus prizes! That could mean the potential of THOUSANDS of dollars for our school. If your $25 donation is chosen as an hourly “golden ticket,” Sudie TAG may receive a $1000 bonus for your $25 gift. WOW!!