School Renovations

David Bates from the District graciously came to speak about the upcoming renovations to the school. He has been advocating for our school and for funds to make changes as quickly as possible (thank you!). The following changes will be made:

  • $250,000 approved for new furniture (making it Middle Age Grade ready )
  • About $500,000 approved for bathroom renovations (making it Middle Age Grade ready)
  • Update HVAC and plumbing as needed
  • Paint entire interior of the school
  • New auditorium curtains and auditorium updates (especially to address flooding)
  • Portables will be fixed, painted, and some walls within the portables will be knocked down to make open, nice spaces for extracurricular classes (new extracurricular offerings are coming next year!)
  • Improvements and updates to the gymnasium
  • Add space for a kiln in the art room

David is also advocating for us for the 2020 school bond and will be working, along with others, to get additional funds to add onto our building. He offered to answer any questions at