We are looking for parents with flexible schedules to be wild card volunteers when last minute needs pop up! Please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Mary An Shirk at Maryan@maryanshirk.com, with details such as if you have a pickup truck or if you’re creative or organized!

Also we have some PTA positions we are trying to fill. Please email Mary An at Maryan@maryanshirk.com if you are interested in plugging into Sudie! We’d love your help and involvement no matter how big or small! This year, we will be evolving as we find out details on how school will operate.

Don’t forget to keep checking the Volunteer Tab at https://sudiewilliamstag.org/volunteer/ on the Sudie Tag Website! We’ll be posting all volunteer opportunities there throughout the year.

Sign up to be a Secret Pal

💚🍎Who wants to be a SECRET PAL for a Sudie Staff Member?! We are looking for PARENT VOLUNTEERS to adopt a Sudie Staff Member this school year.

A Secret Pal will help show love and appreciation by bringing his/her Sudie Staff Member an anonymous, small gift or treat once a month throughout the year (for 10 treats in total). Gifts do not need to be expensive. It could be anything from a small plant to a coffee gift card.

Visit https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040d4aaaaf2faa8-202021 for more details and to sign up.

Spirit Suppers

Spirit Suppers are a wonderful way to raise money for the school, bring our community together and support local restaurants during this challenging time. While COVID has changed the way we come together, we can still hold fundraisers that incorporate dine-in, curbside and delivery options at restaurants. I’m looking for volunteers from all of the neighborhoods represented in our Sudie community – North Dallas, Lakewood/East Dallas, Oak Cliff etc. The goal is to host at least one Sudie Supper per month, given the current dynamics and our growing student body, it might be feasible to have one Sudie Supper per month in each neighborhood.

Email mia.meachem@gmail.com for more details and to sign up.

A Night at the Movies

One silver lining of COVID is that drive-in movies are making a comeback! We need a volunteer to organize a fundraising effort around ‘A Sudie Night at The Movies’ – a wonderful way to safely be together and raise money for our school. There are some really cool drive-ins around Dallas. Here are a few articles that highlight the current trend and the locations around Dallas:

The current thinking is to have one movie per quarter.

Email mia.meachem@gmail.com for more details and to sign up.

A Taste of Sudie

Looking for a Sudie foodie to help put together a ‘Taste of Sudie’ event. The thinking is to host a ‘Taste of Sudie’ featuring gourmet food trucks from around the DFW area. Where? Outside Sudie potential utilizing the parking lot, front lawn, fields and park adjacent to our campus. Top off the delicious food and drink with music and socially distanced picnic blankets and you have the makings of a wonderful evening and fundraiser for our school. Timing – late fall when the weather is cooler or Spring (or both) depending on the current health guidance around COVID.

Email mia.meachem@gmail.com for more details and to sign up.